Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remedy - Little Boots [2nd Single + Vid]

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I've posted her 1st single 'New In Town' in the UK Import Post, and here is Little Boot's 2nd single 'Remedy' from her debut album 'Hands'. 'Remedy has already made the top 10 and her highest peaking single, 'Remedy' is hit maker RedOne's production, but it doesn't seem like his typical productions which is a good thing. lol. 'Remedy' is an uptempo dark/dance/electropop song, it starts off with this very whirly beat, which is very dark and the beats in the song is just a perfection for the dance floor, very catchy, Below is the video, its a cool video, she's very into the kaleidoscope thingy. lmfao. Enjoy~!

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