Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby [Ft. The Dream] - LL Cool J [1st Single+Vid]

Here is LL Cool J's new song from his upcoming album 'Exit 13', u might remember hit from the catchy hit 'Control Myself' featuring Jennifer Lopez. 'Baby' is produced and featured by The Dream (hit makers of Mariah's hit 'Touch My Body'), 'Baby' is an upbeat bass thumping r&b song, it has a very catchy chorus, awesome rapping that rhymes so well by LL, btw, LL Cool J stands for 'Ladies Love Cool James'. Below is the vid, Enjoy~!

Baby [Ft. The Dream] - LL Cool J [Listen To It Now!]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nelly & Ashanti Tracks.

Here is Ashanti's 2nd single the follow up of 'The Way That I Love You' from her latest album 'The Declaration'. 'TWTILY' was an power ballad, but now she's realeasing a club hopper. 'Good Good' is an uptempo r&b dance song, its a very bouncy song, insanely catchy phrases in the chorus. Below is the vid, it features her BF Nelly!. Enjoy~!

Good Good - Ashanti [Listen To It Now!]

Nelly is realeasing many singles to build up hype for his upcoming album 'Brass Knuckles', 1st single 'Party People' featuring Fergie was a hit. 'Body On Me' featuring Akon and Ashanti is his 2nd single, its a Akon produced song, its an upbeat summery type song, very catchy. 'Stepped On My J'z' is a Hip-Hop track, featuring Ciara and record produced Jermaine Dupri. It's an upbeat hip-hop song, catchy in some way. Enjoy both video's~

Body On Me [Ft.Akon,Ashanti] - Nelly [Listen To It Now!]
Stepped On My J'z [Ft.Ciara,JermaineDupri] - Nelly [Listen To It Now!]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video Premieres.

Bad Girl [Ft. Missy Elliot] - Danity Kane [Listen To It Now!]
*I smell another hit for DK, cool comic effects!*.

Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings [Listen To It Now!]
*Awesome video effects and great song!*

That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings [Listen To It Now!]

Friday, July 25, 2008

K-pop Post.

*As a celebration for the blog's 1st B'day, imma post the 1st ever K-Pop post.*
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Wonder Girls emerged into the Korean Music scene in 2007, and has made it BIG, with hits like 'Tell Me' and the most recent 'So Hot'. *BTW. yes, i said, i will never listen to korean music, but i take my words back now, cause last time i dislike them, cause i asume that they cant sing, plastic surgeried and so on, so just tellin y'll to not judge something like me.* 'Tell Me' is their 2007 hit, its an upbeat, really really catchy song, it gets you on ur feet and dance. 'So Hot' is their new single from their upcoming album, its a really hot song, breathy vocals, upbeat, catchy too. they are like.. the PCD korean version. Below are the vids (both of them are very funny), Enjoy~!
Tell Me - Wonder Girls [Listen To It Now!]
So Hot - Wonder Girls [Listen To It Now!]
'Tell Me'

'So Hot'
Image Hosted by
Girl's Generation came out into the Korean music scene around the time Wonder Girl's, i dont side any groups but i think both of them has their own uniqueness. I've been listening to their 2007 hit 'Kissing You' and i've been whoring it since the day i got it. 'Kissing You' is an upbeat pop song, its a very cute type of song, very very catchy and no doubt that it was a HIT in Korea. Below is the vid, (its very confusing cause there are like 9 girls in there, but its a very cute vid), Enjoy~!

Kissing You - Girl's Generation [Listen To It Now!]
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1st, i got to say is, i heard this song on a LIVE show on KBS World, and..the song instantly hit my head and i immediatly went and download it. Ok, they are a pop Korean duo J-Walk, this is their 2008 hit 'My Love' its an awesome upbeat pop/synth dance song, very catchy, hypnotic vocals and lyrics (and i dont understand a single word), a song that makes u wanna do those smooth dance moves, very lovey dovey type. Below is the vid, a very cool one. Enjoy~!

My Love - J-Walk [Listen To It Now!]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


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YAY!!! DBESTDAMMUZIC IS OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR OLD!!! One year ago, the blog was a Music Site/Personal Blog and soon, it became a stand alone music blog due to some requests by people. Visitors now has reached 8000+, which is quite a BIG accomplishment for me, the highest visitors in a day, i think was about 50 visitors. In one year, i've added 'Nuffnang' to see the stats of my blog, used Mediafire as my music storage, also, recently i've been promoting my blog and 8000+ visitors in a year without PROMO is considered awesome IMO, and most of all i wanna thank to all the people who visited the site and help me through. I will keep it up, and post more awesome music and lets break 20,000 by next year? lol. Keep On Visiting!!!

Jotaru a.k.a Blake

Pushin' Me Away - Jonas Brothers [2nd Single]

Here is the 2nd single from the Jonas Brothers, taken from their upcoming 3rd album 'A Little Bit Longer', 'Pushin' Me Away' has hit No.1 on the I-tunes Chart, and its remaining in the top 10 right now, its an upbeat rock/pop song, i'm not really feeling it, so it's up to you guys to judge it. Enjoy~!

Pushin' Me Away - Jonas Brothers [Listen To It Now!]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Video Premiere.


Disturbia - Rihanna [Listen To It Now!]


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Energy - Keri Hilson [1st Single+Vid]

You will totally know her from hits like 'Way I Are' and 'Scream', she co-written 'Gimme More' and many other hot tracks. She's gonna release her 1st debut album and the 1st single is 'Energy', 'Energy' is kinda a pop ballad synth song, it has some cool beats /instruments used in it, very catchy and its a song that rhymes so well, it gets stuck in your head. Below is the vid, haven't watched it tho, Enjoy~!

Energy - Keri Hilson [Listen To It Now!]

Request Post.

Requested by Ann : Empty - Click Five [Listen To It Now!]

Here is Click Five's 3rd single? well, whatever it is, i like it, cause it was being whored on Malaysian radio like hell, and on MTV too. 'Empty' is a power ballad, very sad, very pathetic till it will get stuck in ur head type of song. Enjoy~!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Video Premiere's.

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - Mariah Carey [Listen To It Now!]
I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time [Ft. T.I] - Mariah Carey [Listen To It Now!]

Come On Over - Jessica Simpson [Listen To It Now!]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Request Post.

Requested by Ling: Love Song - Sara Bareilles [Listen To It Now!]
Requested by Kritz - I'm Yours - Jason Mraz [Listen To It Now!]

'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz is the 1st single out of his 3rd album 'We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things', its a good soothing pop/ballad track. Enjoy~!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One For The Radio - Mcfly [1st Single+Vid]

Mcfly is a UK pop boy band, u may know them from their hits 'All About You' and they appeared in Lindsay's movie 'Just My Luck' too. Here is the 1st single out of their upcoming album, 'One For The Radio' is an upbeat pop/rock song, very catchy, very anthemic song, its awesome! Below is the vid, a very funny one, ENjoy~!

One For The Radio - Mcfly [Listen To It Now!]

Friday, July 11, 2008

All I Want To Do - Sugarland [1st Single+Vid]

Sugarland are a Country/Pop duo, they are releasing their new album soon titled 'Love On The Inside'. 1st single 'All I Want To Do' became their highest charting single on the Billboard Hot 100. 'All I Want To Do' is a country/pop song, its a very midtempo jam song, very catchy with the 'do oo oo's', a very good feeling song. Below is the vid, Enjoy~!

All I Want To Do - Sugarland [Listen To It Now!]

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Request Post.

Here is the requested song by Rach - Busta Rhymes -EP [Listen To It Now!]
1. We Made It (Feat. Linkin Park)
2. Don't Touch Me

'We Made It' is a pretty cool colabo by Busta and Linkin Park, its sorta like hip-hop meets rock, its a good song to jam to, LP fans will dig this. 'Dont Touch Me' is a funny, fun, hip-hop track. Enjoy~!

BTW. I cant use computer as much as usual, so, it will be less updates on weekdays and more on weekends.Thx 4 visiting.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bad Girl [Ft. Missy Elliot] - Danity Kane [2nd Single]

Danity Kane's 2nd single from their sophomore album 'Wellcome To The Dollhouse' is 'Bad Girl' featuring Missy Elliot. Currently while 'Damaged' is still damaging the charts, they are shooting the video and is ready to take over with 'Bad Girl'. 'Bad Girl' is a Danja produced song, its upbeat, its catchy, when the song starts, u can hear this pain in the ears sound and some awesome rapping by rap queen Missy Elliot. The video will premiere anytime now, Enjoy~!

Bad Girl [Ft. Missy Elliot] - Danity Kane [Listen To It Now!]

Dangerous [Ft. Akon] - Kardinal Offishall [1st Single+Vid]

Kardinal Offishall is a Canadian rapper, and has recently made a WORLWIDE debut with his new single 'Dangerous' featuring Akon. 'Dangerous' has made its charting in the US and his homeland Canada and its hitting the charts around the world. 'Dangerous' is a spunky hip-hop song, very upbeat, great rapping and its catchy!. Below is the video, Enjoy~!

Dangerous [Ft. Akon] - Kardinal Offishall [Listen To It Now!]

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles [2nd Single+Vid]

With her major Hit single 'Love Song' from her debut album 'Little Voices', Sara Bareilles released 'Bottle It Up' as her 2nd single. 'Bottle It Up' is a midtempo pop ballad, its a lil' bit mellower than 'Love Song', and its a smooth song to relax to, this is the VIDEO VERSION im posting. Below is the video, Enjoy~!

Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles [Listen To It Now!]
*P.S* Sorry for the slow posts, i now have limited time on the net due to the upcoming 'PMR', so thx 4 visiting, and ill definitly post whenever/wherever i can. xoxo Jotaru.