Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Major Post

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I promised that I'll continue with my random posts! and here it is! lmfao. sorry for the late post eh. Was busy collecting random awesome tracks. This post is gonna have more of a rock/pop/alternative/punk/indie feel in these songs (including 2 Malay songs!). So, I hope you guys enjoy them! =D. Next random post will be a defo treat for dance/pop lovers.

Aku Dan Dirimu - Ari Lasso
  • Ari Lasso is an Indonesian singer and the girl featured in this song is also Indonesian, I think this song is quite popular lah, its a power pop/rock ballad, its super romantic, seriously, very romantic chillaxing melody and instrumentals, if you understand malay, well, if your in Malaysia, how can you not right? you will get the meaning and its a perfect love song.
How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday
  • Everybody should know them as the band with their hit song 'Homecoming' right? Now, here's there new single, its an uptempo punk/rock/pop song, it's super catchy, this band gives me that Paramore vibe, idk why, lol, the lead singer is yet another hot chick who sings awesomely.People who are into Paramore type of songs should listen to this.
 New Perspective - Panic At The Disco
  • OMG! Now, this band is a duo! But anyho, this song is from the soundtrack of Megan Fox's upcoming move 'Jennifer's Body'. It's a rock/alternative song, it has that signature Panic! sound, very chillaxing and catchy.
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) - All Time Low
  • All Time Low is a punk/alternative band, 'Damned..' is an uptempo rock/pop/alternative song, the instrumentals in this song is very uplifting, its insanely catchy with its 'oh,oh, oh's in the chorus and the clappy drum beats, its an anthem-ic type of song.
 Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
  • IDK much about the band, all I know its an american band, that was a latebloomer in its own original country, they had hits all around the world, and now 'Use Somebody' is gaining insanely on radio's and racing up the charts, its actually a rock/alternative song, quite soothing at some point, I never heard it much, its a grower for me I guess. People who are into this type of music should check this out.
Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • This song is also gaining insanely on the charts, it's upbeat jamaican/raggae/indie-ish/pop maintstream song, its somehow weird at the 1st listen, but its a grower, its actually very catchy, and nice to sing along to, with the 'I Love You's.
 Smile - Uncle Kracker 
  • Remember that song 'Follow Me' (youtube) that was whored everywhere back in 2002? Yeah. It was Uncle Kracker's hit song, now he's back with a new song called 'Smile' and its a breezy pop/ballady song, it's very uplifting and happy that it makes you smile, just as the song title is, very chillaxing and cheerfull. enjoy~!
Tercipta Untukku - Ungu
  • Ungu is a well known band around the local/indonesian indie band scene. this song 'Tercipta Untukku' is a rock/alternative song, it starts off with acoustic-ish and it builds up momentum and then comes in the instrumentals, a dark-ish sad love song. It's very good actually. HQ BTW! I liked it after listening to my friend's caller ringtone. LMFAO.
 She Is Love - Parachute 
  • Parachute is an American band, and 'She Is Love' is their debut single, its a contemporary pop/ballady track, has that acoustic feeling at the starting of the song, and its a song about love, very simple lovely song.
Midnight Romeo - Push Play
  • Push Play is a rock band, their debut single is titled 'Midnight Romeo', its a heavily rock influenced - pop song, its a very boy band-ish type of song, catchy, quite a sexual song, if you listen carefully to the lyrics. 

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