Saturday, September 5, 2009

Starstrukk - 30H!3 [2nd Single]

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3OH!3 (pronounced as Three Oh! Three) made a huge impact with their hit 1st single 'Don't Trust Me' from their debut album 'Want'. Getting ready to release their 2nd single which is hitting radio stations already, is 'Starstrukk'. Now, I'm posting 2 versions of the song, one would be the original album version and one would be the single version which features Katy Perry. 'Starstrukk' is an upbeat dance/pop/synthelectro song, the album version has that much more 'dance/club' oomph in the beats, but the single version is much more radio friendly. Either way, both of them are insanely catchy, Katy Perry's addition on the single version is cool, I like the bridge she did, the catchy whistling definitely would get stuck in your head, hahah. The video will feature Katy which will be released soon. Enjoy~!

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