Monday, September 14, 2009

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Patron Tequila (feat. Eve & Lil Jon) - Paradiso Girls
  • Paradiso Girls are created from the same creators of The Pussycat Dolls, their hot and they can sing! 'Patron Tequila' is their debut single, its an upbeat club/urban thumping song, its about getting drunk and getting wild!
So Fine - Sean Paul
  • Sean Paul is best known for his WTF is he saying lyrics, LOL. But no doubt his hits like 'Get Busy' and 'Temperature' that got us mumbling along, now back with a new single 'So Fine' which is from his new album 'Imperial Blaze'. It's an upbeat summer raggae dance song, very catchy. 
La La La (On Top Of The World) - LMFAO
I'm In Miami Bitch - LMFAO
  • YES. The short form word that I uses the most is actually a duo! LMFAO's 1st single is 'I'm In Miami Bitch' which hit up and made all the clubs jumping with its hardcore beats and catchy lyrics, 'La La La' is their current 2nd single, which is also an uptempo dance/pop song, very very catchy, much more mainstream than the 1st single.
Now Im That Bitch (feat. Pitbull) - Livvi Franc
  • Bitch is IN. Newcomer Livvi Franc is from Barbados (the likes of Rihanna & Shontelle), this is her debut single featuring rapper Pitbull, its a hot uptempo dance/pop/urban song, super fierce, bitchy and catchy.
Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
  • Jason Derulo is a new artist, debut single 'Whatcha Say' is a R&B/urbanpop song that samples Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek' which is SUPER INSANELY CRAZY, I'm not kidding. It gets stuck in your brain like glue. neat beats, the song recently made the top 10 in the US.
One Time - Justin Bieber
  • Justin Bieber is ONLY 15 years old, and he was discovered by Usher.  His debut single is 'One Time' and it brings that Usher-ish/Ne-Yo-ish vibe to it, its a pop/r&b song, produced by Tricky Nash, it has that urban flava going on, very catchy and easy to sing along.
Replay - IYAZ 
  • IYAZ is signed to the same record label to Sean Kingston, he has that Raggae/Jamaican feel going on in his debut single 'Replay' which is an uptempo R&B/Pop/Raggae song, its catchy, makes references to a girl as a song that cant stop replaying on his Ipod.Enjoy~!

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