Friday, September 4, 2009

Bukan Superman - The Lucky Laki [1st Single + Vid]

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The Lucky Laki is a band from Indonesian which consists of kids that are younger than me! OMG. D: I didnt believe it when I 1st heard this song, I thought it was some girl singing or somthing. (their young mah, voice cute mah. LOL) took me quite some time to identify the song, but I finally got a hold of it...and in the HQ CD Version which was damn hard to find. 'Bukan Superman' is a pop/rock song, the instrumentals are very catchy and rocky, clappy beats in the breakdown/bridge, super catchy/cute/'aww' lyrics for their age, its a very good song, seriously, of all the Malay songs I've listened, this is the MOST played one, like insanely, its anthemic feel makes it very easy to sing along. Don't misjudge this, as cause it is a Malay song, download and give it a chance. Cause its such a pop/rock perfection upbeat song. Below is the video, was shocked when I 1st saw the video, their kids!! ahh. Enjoy~!

Bukan Superman [LISTEN TO IT NOW!]

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