Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marry You - Bruno Mars [3rd Single + Glee Version]

Bruno Mars has so far had smash hits from his feature on B.o.B's 'Nothin' On You', his singles 'Just The Way You Are' & 'Grenade' and I'm reluctant to post his 2 previous singles because I kinda had a very late catch up on the 1st single and 'Grenade' is just way too cheesy for me. Speaking of cheesy, why would I post his 3rd single? 'Marry You' which is supposedly the 3rd single, since people are pushing the song to become one after Glee covered the song on one of its episode which made me like the song. 'Marry You' has a upbeat feel, church bells, uplifting, happy, fun catchy song, not as sobby as the previous singles, I'll post the original version and the Glee version. Enjoy~!

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